Everything You Wanted to Know About window replacement lincoln ne and Were Afraid To Ask

It’s really easy to cut off with a razor blade now that the foam is dried I’m going to trim it with a razor blade to about a quarter of an inch below the surface of the window and then we’ll fill it in with caulking now that we’re done trimming all the foam.

We’re going to take this mortar caulking to fill in the area all the way around the window and a trick to do that to keep your job nice and neat to make sure that the caulking doesn’t get on the window or the brick is to tape it off now I’m working my way down the wall with the caulking where we’re trying not to get too much on the on the window and too much on the brick in the low areas.

We’ll have to put a little more than some of the higher errors but we’re not too worried because we can smooth it out with our fingers and a putty knife once we’re done now I’m going to smooth out the caulking with my finger and it’s okay for it to look rough because the original mortar was a little more rough looking so when they go through and smooth it out.

Some areas because the caulking sticks to your finger you might need to use a putty knife because it doesn’t stick to it as much and you can push it up in areas where it’s it’s missing and over in areas like this we want to kind of spread it out into the old mortar so it kind of looks similar to what the old stuff looked like once you have finished the caulking you want to make sure you remove the tape before the caulking sets up.

And dries completely and then after you remove the tape you’ll need to touch up any spots that were messed up from the tape removal we are almost done these spots up here were pulled out when I remove the tape so try not to touch the the window you just want to press those down and smooth it out.

And with that we are all done installing our new window and to recap we remove the old window went down to the hardware store and purchased a brand new window and the window plus supplies cost just under two hundred dollars and it takes about two and a half hours to install.

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