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This hard that’s exactly that’s it  that’s basically what happened my  problem was that the rules and  structures there didn’t really fit my  style why’d you go to that that GR  because.

I thought I needed experience  but why that one there’s the hole when  you got into it was the one I got only  one him was it’s the match you get  matched why’d you rank it high I didn’t  oh so.

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you know buddy else all right so dental care in chicago  you’re like me your failure nobody  wanted shoes on you and so you got out  three months out of your GP are you quit  your GR or got let go from.

your   story still do we determined to go yeah  and did you buy a practice right away or  did you work for somebody no so I had  like I said I had my heart set on a  practice in South Carolina and actually  moved to.

South Carolina where South Hill dental care in chicago alum BIA love Columbia awesome city  really fun place love the college town  atmosphere teas from their booties  from their which really was a big draw  to me turns out.

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That he’s not his name  is an actually goody it’s Darius  yeah I  found that out once and now he sends country I know can you believe there’s a  black man singing a country yeah well.

I  thought it was Indian at Dental Care in Chicago  first what I  don’t know it just called like you well it’s a cult right so I move down there  pack my car up all of my possessions are pre-made I was married my wife stayed .

Back luckily she had a job but she worked for Eli Lilly big pharma so she’s  a pharmacist she was working in industry  with them and I find .